Biography of Emilio Lara

Biography of Emilio Lara

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Emilio lara (Jaén, 1968) is a doctor in Anthropology, a graduate in Humanities with an Extraordinary Prize, a National End of Degree Prize and a professor of Geography and History in Secondary Education.

Has published several history books and dozens of articles in university journals and research centers Spanish, Italian and French. He collaborates with the newspaper ABC and with the literary website Zenda.

The brotherhood of the Invincible Armada‘(Edhasa, 2016), his first novel, became a critical and public success, which has continued with‘The clockmaker at Puerta del Sol‘(Edhasa, 2017), with which he has obtained the City of Cartagena Historical Novel Prize and the Andalusian Critics Prize.

His latest work, 'Tiempos de esperanza' (2019), has been awarded the Edhasa Historical Narratives Prize.

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