They discover in Egypt the name of an unknown queen: Setibhor

They discover in Egypt the name of an unknown queen: Setibhor

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The archaeological mission that discovered the tomb of Khuwy in Saqqara, also announced the discovery of an ancient Egyptian queen named Setibhor, who lived during the V Dynasty.

The mission found the name of queen Setibhor, which was not known from ancient sources, engraved on a column in the southern part of the pyramid complex.

The complex is located next to the pyramid of king Djedkare in southern Saqqara, identity of the king that was an enigma for Egyptologists for decades.

The name and titles of the owner of this monument were found on a red granite column, which had a carved inscription in relief where it announces the name of the queen.

The pyramid complex of Queen Setibhor represents one of the oldest pyramids in southern Saqqara, built at the end of the V Dynasty, and is in turn, the largest pyramid complex built for a queen during Ancient Egypt.

In addition, its funerary temple incorporated architectural elements and chambers that were generally reserved only for the kings of the Old Kingdom.

Djedkare wanted to honor his wife by building a huge pyramidal complex with many unusual features, including palmiform granite columns, which constitute an architectural element known so far only in the pyramidal complexes of the kings.

Mohamed Megahed, head of the archaeological mission, said the team has also completed the architectural restoration and consolidation of the substructure of the king's pyramid, which until now has not undergone any restoration work.

Via Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

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