The Prado Museum presents after its restoration The Annunciation by Fra Angelico

The Prado Museum presents after its restoration The Annunciation by Fra Angelico

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Andrés Úbeda, Deputy Director of Conservation of the Prado Museum; Simonetta Brandolini, President of Friends of Florence; and Christina Simmons, Executive Director of American Friends of the Prado Museum, have presented this morning The Annunciation, core of the exhibition “Fra Angelico and the origin of the Florentine Renaissance”, After its recent restoration, together with Fernando García, President of the Iberdrola Spain Foundation, Protector member of the Prado Museum Restoration Program.

The generous collaboration of Friends of Florence and American Friends of the Prado Museum, which amounts to a total of 150 thousand euros contributed 50% by both institutions, with the Prado Museum has allowed the undertaking of the restoration of The Annunciation, as well as other works outside the Prado that will also be part of the great exhibition: "Fra Angelico and the origin of the Florentine Renaissance”, An exhibition that will have almost eighty pieces and will be curated by Carl Brandon Strehlke, Curator Emeritus of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The exhibition will study the beginnings of the Florentine Renaissance around 1420 and 1430, with special attention to the figure of Fra Angelico (Guido di Pietro Muguello, c. 1395/1400 - 1455).

Fra Angelico is one of the great masters of the Renaissance, and was responsible for the first great artistic achievements reached in Florence at this time, along with the painters Massaccio, Masolino, Uccello and Filippo Lippi, the sculptors Ghiberti, Donatello and Nanni di Banco, and the architect Brunelleschi.

Along with Fra Angelico's masterpiece, other Florentine works will be included in the exhibition whose restorations are being carried out in Italy thanks also to the financial contribution of Friends of Florence and the American Friends of Prado Museum such as Virgin with Child, and Cherub by Michele da Firenze, owned by the Museo Nazionale del Bargello; Donatello's terracotta, Madonna and Child on a throne, with two angels and two prophets, from the Museo di Palazzo Pretorio; o Trinidad by Gherardo Starnina in the Collezione Chiaramonte Bordonaro.

Via Museo del Prado

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