Free book «Popular songbook of the province of Madrid. Volume I »

Free book «Popular songbook of the province of Madrid. Volume I »

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The Serie "Spanish Popular Songbook, Volume 1«, Is the first of the three volumes with traditional melodies compiled in the province of Madrid.

It consists of three sections with independent pagination in each one of them. The first section (study) includes: «The reader», Signed by the Spanish Institute of Musicology; «Notes on the folklore of the province of Madrid», By Manuel García Matos; «Introduction», By Marius Schneider; Y "Classification of literary texts», By José Romeu Figueras.

The second section (musical part) includes melodies and song texts numbers 1-235, belonging to the Christmas, Carnival and Lent cycles. The third section (literary part) presents texts, concordances and variants of pieces numbered from 1 to 219.

Bibliographic information

Physical description of the book: 256 p. : 30 cm
Publication: Barcelona: Higher Council for Scientific Research, 2019
CSIC Reference: 13192_CPE_01
Other information: Digital reproduction, not venal, of the 1951 edition
Noted music
Edition: Marius Schneider; Jose Romeu Figueras
Coordination: Manuel García Matos
About the authors
Publication year: 2019
Spanish Language

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