Another ancient tower in Ghazni collapses in Afghanistan

Another ancient tower in Ghazni collapses in Afghanistan

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The "strong rainsHave caused an old protection tower in the Afghan city of Ghazni collapsedlocal government sources explained, although local residents denounce the authorities' negligence to preserve the site, one of the most affected by the fighting with the Taliban.

The Ghaznain fort citadel, 2,000 years old, was surrounded by a total of 36 towers like the one that collapsed last Tuesday, but in recent years 14 of them have collapsed, proving to be, along with all the heritage of the region, completely unprotected.

Ghazni's story

The city was a thriving Buddhist center until the 7th century, when Arab armies brought Islam to the region. In the 13th century, it was destroyed by Genghis Khan's Mongol army, led by his son, Ogedei Khan.

Now, the government of Afghanistan is urged to preserve the heritage that the country has, where the historic minarets stand out (which have not collapsed this time, despite what has been published in some media), which are the towers attached to mosques, from where the muezzin or muezzin summons the Muslim faithful to attend prayer.

Image minaret: StockPhotos, Radek Kucharski on Shutterstock

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