Books to introduce you to Greek Mythology

Books to introduce you to Greek Mythology

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Of all the literature that exists on Greek mythology, some specific books are essential for us so that we can understand a little more about the fascinating cosmological world of Ancient Greece.

One of those that we consider essential is the Pierre Grimal's dictionary of mythology, a book that offers us an interesting list of the main Greek and Roman gods throughout hundreds of documented pages and by the hand of one of the greatest experts on this subject.

It is an essential work to understand the mythological universe that it offers us, although it is true that it may be more focused on an audience that wants to delve into less well-known characters from both Greece and Rome.

The dictionary aside, we can't stop reading The Iliad or The Odyssey, Both of Homer and two of the most important classic books that we can find on sites like, where he tells us, through Greek epics, the Trojan War in the first, and Odysseus's journey (Ulysses) after the conflict, in the second.

In them, we will find some of the most important and interesting characters of Greek antiquity and how many of them have the favors of the gods to try to achieve their goals.

The Iliad

In the case of The IliadWe will see how almost all the main players are positioned on one side or the other according to their interests or according to their preferred participants.

Thus, we will find characters like Hector, Achilles, Agamemnon, Ajax, Andromache, Helena, Dolon, Menelaus; and gods such as Athena, Hera, Poseidon, Hermes, Hephaestus, Thetis, Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo or Artemis, among a large number of other mythical characters.

The odyssey

Meanwhile, in The odyssey we can run into Ulises (Odysseus), and how he returns home after the Trojan War, helped mainly by his cunning and by Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus, who helps him continuously so that the character can reach his destination safely, for which it takes 10 years in total.

Throughout its songs, we will see various mythical characters and gods like Euryclea, Penelope, Hades, Achilles, Agamemnon, Melantius, Zeus, Helios, Polyphemus, and much more.

Both are epic poems attributed to Homer (although there are certain doubts and suspicions about the veracity of this), and they were considered in ancient times as the most important compositions of Ancient Greece, and their study even reaches our days in any kind of literature.

These three books are the main recommended for those who want to get into the classical mythology of Greece. Especially recommended are The Iliad and The Odyssey, which, due to their narrative form, are presented as easier to read, even facilitating their understanding.

While the recommended dictionary is rather for all those who want to enter a little more in the world of mythology, to be able to read the biographies of almost all the gods and heroes that we can find in both classic books, delving into each of them and in all greek cosmogony.

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