Ancient lost capital of the Khmer Empire found in Cambodia

Ancient lost capital of the Khmer Empire found in Cambodia

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A team of researchers has rediscovered an ancient "lost City" of the Khmer empire (Khmer), Mahendraparvata, thanks to aerial mapping techniques, according to the authorities.

Using aerial laser scanning and land surveying, the researchers found a "large extended urban network dating back to the 9th century," which was quickly identified as Mahendraparvata, capital of the empire from the 8th to the 9th century, which was known to exist in Southeast Asia during the Angkor period, but it had not been located.

Archaeological evidence for this ancient city had, until now, been limited to "a series of scattered and seemingly isolated small shrines," they explained.

In the report, published in the Antiquity magazine this week, the researchers stated that located the capital of the Angkor period on the Phnom Kulen plateau, south of the Dangrek Mountains.

The scientists had previously theorized that the ancient city was situated on the plateau north of Siem ReapBut until now it had been very difficult to find evidence due to the dense Cambodian jungle and its remote location.

It was also thought that the area was littered with Khmer Rouge land mines, which occupied Phnom Kulen from the early 1970s to the late 1990s.

Through the scan (leader), they found evidence of a centrally planned urban area spanning between 40 and 50 square kilometers on the plateau, and presented in a grid system, with a “distribution of small shrines, mounds and ponds, in addition to a large-scale water management system ”.

Other discoveries include the evidence of a royal palace and pyramidal state temple, two very characteristic infrastructures of the capitals of the Khmer Empire.

Here we confirm the hypothesis, based on all the accumulated evidence, that Mahendraparvata, the capital of the Khmer Empire from the 8th to the 9th century, was located in the Phnom Kulen massif.”, Sentenced the report.

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