360º virtual dive on the wreck of the Milkmaid (Iceland)

360º virtual dive on the wreck of the Milkmaid (Iceland)

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On October 16, 2019, the 360 years since the wreck of the Dutch merchant ship Milkmaid (Melckmeyt) on a remote Icelandic island during a clandestine trade mission.

Since its discovery in 1992, it remains as the oldest shipwreck identified in Iceland, and its lower hull remained unusually well preserved in the icy waters of the country.

To mark the anniversary, digital archeology specialists from the University of Flinders (Australia) have collaborated with maritime archaeologists from the University of Iceland to launch a 360º virtual immersion on the wreck.

It is a realistic virtual experience, and includes a digital reconstruction (on the cover image) of what the ship might have looked like on the seabed moments after it sank.

The three minute virtual immersion was created for an exhibition at the Reykjavik Maritime Museum, but now it has been published on YouTube and is available for anyone with VR (or with a Smartphone or Tablet) to see it.

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