What is the history of gambling?

What is the history of gambling?

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Since we have studied History in school, we have come across the presence of games of chance in different ancient cultures. Adapted to their customs and beliefs, these entertainments accompany the human being also today, converted into digital versions of traditional casinos.

Thus, what at first glance may seem like video games, are a new update of a millenary tradition. So, it is worth asking yourself:how gambling was born? Here is a brief review so that you can clear yourself of all doubts.

According to different studies and archaeological discoveries, the Egyptians had already carved a 6-sided die in 2000 BC., something that not only seems to be the prelude to casino games today, but also speaks a lot about how that society sought to tempt luck. According to their mythology, it was a game of dice which led to a war between the gods. Now, despite these findings, India has the first written rules of a game of chance.

It should be noted, in turn, that recently it was found that much earlier, in the year 3000 BC. China was one of the pioneers when it came to gambling for fun. The Asian giant, which today is one of the leaders in technological progress and online games, was one of the great pioneers of games of chance. Around 500 BC it can be found that board games were already part of the culture and custom of society.

In addition, the Chinese also started the path for one of the great fury of the moment: sports betting. At that time, they were mostly performed in fights and races in which the protagonists could be animals or human beings.

For understand the predominant role of the Chinese in this regard you have to go back to the invention of paper, which made these games lighter, more transportable and interchangeable. From there, of course, the first cards emerged.

That is, long before a city like Las Vegas even existed, cards were already appearing as a form of entertainment and gambling. Then with the invention of the printing press in 1440 everything would take on a faster pace, which would deepen over the centuries until reaching the complex and captivating present day where online casinos break all kinds of records.

To conclude, some curious facts that may interest you: the word "chance" comes from the Arabic term "Az-zahr" which does not mean anything other than "given". Furthermore, the first dice found in the history of archeology were carved from bones.

Going to more recent history, the first casino in history took place in the Italian city of Venice, in 1638. As if that were not enough, it is still active! For the most curious, it can be found in the vicinity of the Grand Canal and bears the name "Casinò di Venezia". Of course, thousands of tourists visit it every year.

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