Photographer finds 120-year-old "time capsule"

Photographer finds 120-year-old

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The French photographer and blogger Mathieu stern, found a 'time capsule'That kept several objects of approximately 120 years old.

As reported by the agency RT news, Stern received information from some relatives about a box containing antiques, kept somewhere in the old house of his family.

«After some searching, I found a box dating from around 1900, judging by the objects and the technique of the photographs found inside."Stern wrote on his blog.

When analyzing the contents of the box, the artist assumed that it was the «priceless treasure» Of a girl that his childhood would have passed at the turn of the century.

A "time capsule" that "waited in darkness for more than 100 years," he wrote.

However, there were not only objects for children's use in the box. He also found some glass photographic plates, material formerly used as a negative, before celluloid became popular.

To keep the spirit of the times, the photographer decided to develop the plates using the cyanotype technique, a very common procedure in the pioneering times of photography, and which produces images of a beautiful bluish tone.

Stern recorded in the following video the entire contents of the box and the process of developing the images.

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