They discover that all the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Museum of the Bible are false

They discover that all the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Museum of the Bible are false

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A group of researchers has discovered that all the Dead Sea Scrolls that were exhibited in the Museum of the Bible, located in Washington (USA), they are false.

The results were revealed last Saturday by the company Art Fraud Insights, dedicated to preventing artistic fraud.

Company Director Colette Loll noted that specialists carried out “a comprehensive review of all imaging results«, And did the respective«scientific analysis«, proving that all 16 text fragments are false.

«Each displays characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries created in the 20th century with the intention of imitating authentic fragments.Loll pointed out.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, also known as Qumran scrolls, are a series of religious texts from the 3rd century BC. C. containing the foundations of the Old Testament.

Most of these fragments are on display in Jerusalem, but many others are in private hands.

Suspicions about the fraud of the texts arose in 2018, when the American museum confirmed that at least five manuscripts were false and the analysis of the other copies began.

For his part, the museum's chief curator, Jeffrey Kloha, explained that «the sophisticated and expensive methods used to discover the truth about our collection could be used to shed light on other suspicious fragments and perhaps even be effective in discovering who is responsible for these fakes«.

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