Rafael's 500th Anniversary: ​​visit the virtual museum with all his works

Rafael's 500th Anniversary: ​​visit the virtual museum with all his works

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On April 6, the 500th anniversary of the death of Rafael Sanzio will be commemorated, Italian genius of painting.

Throughout his short life, in which he also stood out as an architect, he painted some of the most important paintings of the High renaissance as 'The transfiguration‘, ‘Thanks'Or'The school of Athens‘, His most famous work where some of the most important philosophers, scientists and mathematicians in history appear as Pythagoras or Plato.

Even though Rafael passed away with 37 years, the painter left more than 100 works which are currently distributed in art galleries and galleries in 11 countries and more than 30 cities.

Rafael's virtual museum

However, and thanks to Musement, a platform for booking activities at the destination, it is no longer necessary to travel to these cultural centers to discover all the work of the Italian painter as the company has developed the first and only virtual museum that collects all his paintings.

Thus, without moving from the sofa we can know, at the click of a button and without leaving home, all the works of one of the masters of the Renaissance.

The Rafael's virtual museum It allows us to admire his religious-themed paintings, portraits and great compositions made by Rafael throughout his life, as well as knowing all the relative information about where each work is located, its year of creation and the format.

Through this virtual museum we can see and enjoy the prolific work of the Italian master, characterized by his balance and in which he was influenced by great masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Miguel Ángel Buenarroti.

Rafael's works in Spain

Today, we can admire the paintings of Rafael in Italy, France, England, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, the United States, Brazil and Spain.

In our country, the Prado Museum It is the only gallery that has works by the Italian painter.

Thus, browsing through the virtual museum we can see without having to go to Madrid: 'Sagrada Familia del cordero', 'Portrait of a cardinal', 'La Virgen del Pez', 'El Pasmo de Sicilia', 'Visitación', 'Sagrada Familia of the oak ',' Sagrada Familia (La Perla) 'and' Sagrada Familia con San Juanito '(Virgin of the rose).

And, we can also enjoy works such as'The Madonna with the blue diadem ' which is exhibited in the Louvre Museum, 'The gentleman's dream ' found in the National Gallery in London or 'The Virgin of the House of Alba ’ which is in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

With this virtual museum Musement aims to support culture and promote #Yomequedoencasa, making known all the paintings that exist of Rafael, one of the geniuses of the Renaissance, through the Internet.

Here you can access Rafael's virtual museum.

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