The seven Champions League finals between teams from the same country

The seven Champions League finals between teams from the same country

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The Champions League, as it is known today, has held twenty-seven editions in which fans have been able to enjoy the best football and where information about forecasts and current events has exploded.

In seven of the finals played since this new European Cup format was launched in 1992, the finalists have belonged to the same country.

It is not something common, although it has occurred on a good number of occasions, between clubs in Spain, Italy, England and Germany, which are, after all, the four main leagues in Europe.

The first confrontation between two teams of the same nationality in the Champions League final took place in 2000, when Real Madrid and Valencia met at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

The Madrid team defeated the Valencian player with goals from Morientes, McManaman and Raúl to win their eighth ‘Orejona’.

Valencia's drama was twofold when in the following year they fell back in the final, in this case on penalties against Bayern.

It took three years to see another confrontation between rivals from the same country. The mythical Old Trafford witnessed one of the most boring finals in memory between Milan and Juventus of Turin.

After 120 minutes without goals, penalties gave the Milanese team their fifth title to the detriment of a Juve that lost its third final of the five that, consecutively, has lost.

The image of a child sleeping during the match was the best reflection of what that match produced.

In 2008, the tournament saw an English final between Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United and Frank Lampard's Chelsea in Moscow..

The shootout from eleven meters, after a tie to one overall, gave the Manchester team the victory. The maximum penalty marked by John Terry, the great Chelsea captain, remained as the stamp of that meeting.

Five years later, in 2013, the final had a German flavor, the one that Bayern Munich and Borusia Dortmund put on a historic appointment at Wembley.

Jürgen Kloop's surprising Dortmund came close to surprising the Bavarian giant, who took the title thanks to a goal from Robben in the closing minutes.

A year after that German final, another historic moment arrived; since for the first time, two teams from the same city would compete for the Champions League title.

The match pitted Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid in Lisbon.

The colchoneros were very close to glory, but they were left with honey on their lips for a goal from Sergio Ramos in the last minute. In extra time, the Madridistas passed over their rival and lifted their long-awaited tenth European Cup.

This final would be repeated two editions later, with San Siro as the stage. The draw to one led the duel to the penalty shoot-out, where Real Madrid was more successful, again leaving its neighbor in the gutter.

The last final between two clubs from the same country occurred in 2019 when Liverpool and Tottenham, both English, met at the Wanda Metropolitano. The Anfield team beat a team that played its first continental final and beat the odds and forecasts.

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