"Little Archaeologists at Home" to learn and enjoy as a family with our Heritage and History

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The Talavera team of Little Archaeologists He has launched, through your Facebook page, its new program of activities and educational resources, open and free, "Little Archaeologists at Home”.

The objective of providing families, and especially the smallest of the house, during these special weeks of confinement, educational activities, very practical and enjoyable, that allow them to continue learning and enjoying our rich historical, archaeological and artisan heritage through experience, play, observational learning, investigation, and active participation.

Some activities and didactic contents that are more than fulfilling the set objective, as evidenced by the data on the scope of the first four didactic proposals offered, on Prehistory, Roman culture and Visigoth times, which have reached more than 120,000 people in a week, and the very positive assessment of them by many teachers who have used them as a resource for their classes, transferring their congratulations to the team of Little Archaeologists for their initiative.

The new didactic proposals (illustrations, cutouts, hobbies, "archeodetectives", comics, etc.), to learn and have fun as a family with our heritage and history, in which they are currently working, will deal with the pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula, Rock Art, the Middle Ages or the ceramics of Talavera de la Reina, publishing, shortly, the same in a staggered manner on their Facebook page.

The contents, activities and didactic resources of the program are designed by Ruben Perez Lopez, BA in History and Archaeologists, and Silvia del Mazo Fernandez, Technician in Pottery with Artisan Card of Official Pottery of Castilla-La Mancha, directors of Small Archaeologists, specialists in didactics, dissemination and dissemination of Historical, Archaeological and Artisan Heritage.

It also has the participation of one of its regular collaborators, the art historian and illustrator Jesus Sanchez Daimiel, author of the magnificent and didactic illustrations of the program.

Here we leave you some examples of coloring sheets and with questions to find the information and try to provide the answers, although you can find much more didactic material in the Little Archaeologists at Home Facebook page.

Via: Little Archaeologists press release.

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