Who was Agénor? The father of Europa in Greek mythology

Who was Agénor? The father of Europa in Greek mythology

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Agénor He was the son of Poseidon and Libya, Belo's twin brother, as he explains Hesiod in his "Theogony".

He left Egypt and settled in Canaan, where he married Telefasa and from this union were born Cadmus, Fénix, Cilix, Thasos, Fineo and Europa.

Then of the rape of Europe and under the guise of a white bull by Zeus, Agenor sent his sons to look for her with the order not to return if they did not find her.

They departed in different directions: Phoenix to the west where he gave his name to the Punics (Phoenicians from Carthage) and when his father died he returned to Canaan, renamed Phenicia in her honor.

Cilix went to the country of the hypachians, renamed Cilicia.

Phineus went to the land of the Tineos, founding Bithynia and where was tormented by the Harpies.

Tasos explored the gold mines of the island of his name and Cadmus He went first to Rhodes, he went to the place where the city of Thebes would be built.

Agénor He was also the grandfather of Minos, Radamante and Sarpedon, sons of Europa and Zeus.

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