The legend of the Kraken, the mythical sea beast

The legend of the Kraken, the mythical sea beast

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According to the Nordic and Scandinavian culture, this gigantic specimen known as the krakenDue to its octopus or squid-like shape, it is probably the largest monster on record.

According to these cultures, this monster lived at the bottom of the sea, hovering from Norway to Iceland, even reaching very close to the island of Greenland, and only appeared on the surface of the sea to attack the boats and devour the sailors who manned them.

How did the Kraken attack ships?

The kraken was a giant squid of strong and long tentacles, which facilitated its ability to intercept the boats and drag them to the bottom of the ocean.

This was described by the naval reports of vessels that had been attacked by this colossal monster, which have been analyzed by different groups of scientists and pseudoscientists throughout history.

These reports also indicate that when the Kraken failed to attack with its tentacles, began to swim in a circle around the boat producing a strong eddy capable of sinking the boat to take over the boat and engulf its crew.

Certainly, for a creature to be considered a monster it must have an appetite for human flesh, and for the kraken this was not an inconvenience, as it could devour the entire crew of a ship in one bite.

However, it was common to see around this terrifying monster a large number of fish, which fell like raindrops when the Kraken violently energized the sea.

For this reason, many brave and even a little crazy fishermen took advantage of this moment to get closer to the beast and obtain an abundant catch.

The origin of the Kraken legend

Lthe history of the Kraken It originates from an account written in 1180 by King Sverre of Norway.

Like most of the legends, the history of the Kraken started from something real, in this case, the sighting of a giant squid.

For the ancient sailors, the sea was a dangerous and treacherous place, capable of hiding in its depths an unimaginable amount of monsters, and for this reason, for them any encounter with an unknown animal, such as the giant squid, would easily turn into a mythological creature in the stories of sailors.

But nevertheless, this myth has become so popular that could still be found in the scientific research of the natural world of the century XVIII.

Even Carl Linnaeaus, father of modern biological qualification, included in the first edition of his innovative Systema Naturae, to this mythological creature among the cephalopod mollusks.

And you, what do you think of the kraken? Is it a myth or a reality?

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