Accommodation options in Ibiza, a nature and heritage destination

Accommodation options in Ibiza, a nature and heritage destination

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Ibiza, an island of many faces

Touring the island of Ibiza takes just over an hour from end to end. But of course, there are many corners that should not be missed and that deserve a mandatory stop, making us all feel like a nomadic traveler. Therefore, it is necessary to have more time to be able to enjoy its beauty.

Logically, the area with the most movement is the most visited: the city of Ibiza itself (Eivissa), and Dalt Vila, its historic center of which we spoke at the time as it was a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

But Ibiza has 5 municipalities in total and each one has a different personality and atmosphere.

Sant Joan it's quieter along with Santa Eulalia and is less inhabited. Within the municipality you can find 4 different towns: the town with the same name, Sant Joan, the port town of Sant Miquel, Sant Vincent and Sant Llorenç.

On the other hand, in the north of the island we find It's Amunts, the most mountainous area of ​​the island and that the municipality of Sant Joan shares with the municipality of Sant Antoni.

Here we find numerous cliffs and spectacular routes for lovers of the trekking.

In Sant Joan we can also visit the stalagmites of theMarça caves, the bay of Sant Vicent and that of Portinax or the Cala Xarraca among many others.

Accommodation options in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza always today with its beautiful coves and its inimitable atmosphere and glamor in the best clubs in the world, offers the world a large number of accommodation options.

Rural houses

Tourists looking for a more privacy and exclusivity on your vacation they bet more and more on this type of accommodation. They are generally houses with the charm and recognized prestige of the typical Ibizan house.

So if you are looking for a charming accommodation, a rural house in Ibiza is undoubtedly an excellent accommodation option for a holiday in privacy with friends or family.

Rural hotels

Another option that is also very fashionable are rural hotels. These hotels also have the charm of rural houses but their prices are somewhat higher, although their service is undoubtedly excellent and they have alternatives such as Spa and beauty treatments.


Campsites are another interesting accommodation option, although they usually offer, of course, a more basic and rudimentary service.

However, they are an excellent option to visit the island and stay for much cheaper prices.

Most of the offer is located in the northern part of the island, especially with regard to hotels and rural houses, but you can also find these charming accommodations in other areas of the island.

As advice in the case of rural accommodation, we must bear in mind that they are a great option if you are looking for a quiet getaway, but we must always see the map very well since many of them are in remote areas or with more difficult access to services, beaches, etc.

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