Brief biography of Socrates Who was he and what did he do?

Brief biography of Socrates Who was he and what did he do?

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Born in Athens towards the 470 BC, Socrates is considered one of the greatest Greek philosophers.

its death sentence the transformed into legend and symbol of the injustices committed by Athenian democracy.

There is no writing of his and his work is known through the stories of his disciples, especially by Platowith his work "The Apology of Socrates“.

His philosophical discussions were carried out throughoutAthensEither in the streets or in the agora.

His disciples were mainly young people from noble families possessing wealth, such is the case of Plato orXenophonBut he also liked discussions with simple craftsmen.

Socrates philosophy

I know differentiated from the sophists since he did not charge for his lessons, which led him to live in poverty most of his life, except when he served as a hoplite (heavy artillery soldier) in the Peloponnesian War.

He never considered himself a wise man, even though his best friendKereophon he asked theOracle if there was a man wiser than him, and the answer was negative.

This is how the search for the wisest person began, asking and talking to all those considered "wise"But only realized that they believed they knew more than they knew.

This led him to discover the ignorance of the people and your own, so he decided to talk to everyone again pretending to know less, in order to make him notice his mistakes.

This is where the famous Socratic irony and his most famous phrase:

I only know that I know nothing.

He tried to make the citizens see the real knowledge they had about what surrounded them.

The representation of his reactionary philosophy goes against the principles of the sophist, doomed to relativism and subjectivity.

Your logic it is based on rational discussion, accompanied by a strong objectivism in the concepts of love, virtue and justice.

its death occurs at age 70, around 399 BC, whena court condemns him to death for denying the existence of the Athenian gods and corrupt the youth.

He could have been saved because of his contacts, but chose to make his thought prevail. Therefore he obeyed the order, chose hemlock as a method of death among those offered and drank it serenely, convinced of its principles and its teachings.

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