The Monasteries of Meteora, in Greece

The Monasteries of Meteora, in Greece

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The mystical Monasteries of MeteoraThey are erected on the rocky massifs of the great plain of Thessaly in northern Greece, surrounded by an enigmatic landscape formed after centuries of erosion.

At present they are considered as a Heritage of humanity by unesco.

Were built on rocky foundations with the purpose of avoid possible attacks or invasions, which in addition to preserving its integrity, guaranteed the protection of ancient customs creating a true refuge of Hellenic culture.

The first monasteries were built in the 14th centuryby a group of monks Orthodox Christians that were housed in the caves of the place, so they decided that the best way to avoid the invasions of Turks or Albanians was to locate their buildings in remote, secluded areas with very difficult access.

Sadly, most of these spectacular masterpieces of Byzantine art were devastated by the Nazis during World War II.

Of 24 original monasteries, only 6 left that are preserved for all humanity to admire.

Monasteries that are preserved

  • Agios Nikolaos
  • Moni Russanu or Agia Barbara
  • Moni barlaam
  • The Great Meteor or Metamorphoseon
  • Agia Triada
  • Agios Stefanos.

They are inhabited by monks who dedicate their lives to prayer and religious picture painting.

Certain days a week admit the visit of tourists, who are forced to maintain absolute silence and wear discreet clothes, respecting that it is a monastery.

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