Synopsis of ‘The Land of Painted Caves’ (nº6) by Jean M. Auel

Synopsis of ‘The Land of Painted Caves’ (nº6) by Jean M. Auel

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The land of pinted caves‘Are the sixth and last installment of the series «The children of the Earth» by Jean M. Auel, which is composed by ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear‘, ‘The valley of the horses‘, ‘The Mammoth Hunters‘, ‘Plains of Transit' Y 'The stone shelters‘.

Jean M. Auel combines his brilliant narrative gifts and attractive characters with a surprising recreation of the way of life of thousands of years ago, shaping the terrain and converting places, desires, beliefs, creativity and Daily life of Ice Age Europeans into something very real to today's reader.

For many years now Ayla, the Cro-Magnon girl, was expelled from the Cave Bear Clan and that he began his long journey throughout the European continent.

Finally, in this book, 'The land of pinted caves', He has settled in the cave where his partner Jondalar comes from, with whom he has had a much desired daughter named Jonayla.

The young struggles to find a balance between her new duties as a mother and her preparation to become a spiritual leader and healer.

During her training she was very impressed by contemplating the wonderful paintings found in some caves and they help her feel especially close to the Mother Earth.

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