Biography of Perseus, the demigod who killed Medusa

Biography of Perseus, the demigod who killed Medusa

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Perseus he was a demigod, son of Zeus and Danae.

His grandfather, Acrisio, puts him and Danae in an ark and throws them into the sea, fearing the oracle that had predicted that his grandson was going to kill him.

He floats to the island of Serifos, where he finds them Dictis who rescues them and decides to take care of the child.

Perseus and Medusa

The king of the island, Polydectes, he was in love with Danae but was afraid that Perseus claimed the kingdom. Thus, he orders him to bring the medusa head, one of the Gorgons and the only mortal of the three.

With the help of various gods: de Hermes who provides him with flying sandals, a backpack and a sickle, of Hades that lends him the magic helmet that makes him invisible and Athena that provides him with a polished shield like a mirror to avoid looking directly into the eyes of the Gorgon that would transform him into a stone statue, Perseus begins his adventure.

Perseus went first to look for the Greas to be informed of the way forward. These revealed to him that to carry out the feat, he had to count on the help of the Nymphs, who decided to help him.

So, found the gorgons Y with the help of Athena who told him which Medusa was, He beheaded her and put her head in the backpack.

From the neck of the gorgon came Pegasus and Chrysaor.

Perseus and Andromeda

On his way back he found Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus, tied to a rock as an offering to a sea monster, sent by Poseidon.

With the head of Medusa he petrified the monster and married Andromeda with whom he had several children: Alceo, Electrión, Esténelo, Gorgófona, Heleo, Méstor and Perses.

At her wedding, petrified Phineus, brother of the king and upon learning that Polydectes had driven Hipodamia out of the palace, he approached him and also petrified him with the head of Medusa.

At the end of your adventure, gave the head of Medusa to Athena, who put her at the center of his aegis.

The return to Argos

Later he traveled to Argos to reconcile with his grandfather. As the games were being held in honor of the king's father, Perseus decided to participate with bad luck that, by throwing the disc, he struck a spectator killing him.

This viewer was Acrisio, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

Not wanting to take over the kingdom of Argos, he exchanged it from his cousin Megapentes for that of Tirinto.

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