Brief biography of Poseidon (Neptune), the Greek god of the sea

Brief biography of Poseidon (Neptune), the Greek god of the sea

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Poseidon (for the Romans Neptune), was the son of Chronos and Rea, and brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Hestia Y Demeter.

Biography of Poseidon

When they distributed the world to Zeus touched the air and the surface, Hades the underworld and to Poseidon the domain of water, both marine and that of rivers and lakes.

Very angry, he had problems with other Gods.

He disputed the supreme authority to Zeus and for power in different regions, losing in all occasions:

  • with Athena through Attica.
  • with Hera by the Argolis.
  • with Zeus by Aegina.
  • with Apollo by Delphi.
  • with Dionysus by Naxos.

The sons of Poseidon

Married to Amphitrite, daughter of Nereo and Doris. She, unlike Hera she did not upset her husband with jealousy. Only once was she enraged and was when he transformed the Nymph Scylla into a monster.

Were parents of Triton, Rodos and Benticisima, but outside of marriage, Poseidon had countless children:

  • With Demeter the horse Arion
  • With jellyfish to Pegasus and Crisaor
  • With Gea to Anteo
  • Busiris (who like Anteo killed foreigners)
  • Amico
  • Closing
  • Sciron
  • Orion

Most of them are characterized by being extremely fierce and cruel.

Characteristics of the Greek sea god

The influence of the god was almost always fatal, even against men, to whom he sent innumerable monsters, and against his lovers, who were frequently damaged.

How divinity of water, he walked through his domain in his chariot drawn by steeds with golden mane and bronze helmets, unleashing storms and waterspouts (earthquakes were also attributed to him).

He was always represented with his trident Y, when not on his chariot, on a great sea horse.

Around him were a large number of deities, some before Poseidon himself as Nereus, Proteus or Ocean, and others like the sirens, the Merfolk and the Nymphs.

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