Who were the Dioscuri? Biography of Castor and Pollux

Who were the Dioscuri? Biography of Castor and Pollux

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The Dioscuri in Greek mythology they are Castor and Pollux, son of Zeus And gives.

The birth of the Dioscuri

Leda was married to Tíndaro and Zeus took the form of a swan to impregnate her.

After the gestation period laid two eggs, of one of which Helena was born and of the other, of two buds, the Dioscuri were born: Pollux (“very bright”), Spawned by Zeus and Beaver, begotten by Tindaro, immortal and mortal respectively.

The Dioscuri participated in many adventures, They rescued Helena abducted by Theseus, helped in the Calydon's boar hunt Y participated in the journey of the Argonauts where they attracted the protection of Zeus, who saved the ship from a tempest.

In addition, they kidnapped the daughters of Leucippus Phoebe and Helaíra, promised to Idas and Linceo, against whom they had to fight.

The death of Castor

Pollux killed Lynceus but Castor was killed by Idas.

Avenged his brother, Pollux was devastated for, being immortal, not being able to accompany his brother to Hell.

Moved, Zeus transported them to the sky forming the Constellation of Gemini.

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