Biography of Hestia (Vesta), the fire goddess of the hearth

Biography of Hestia (Vesta), the fire goddess of the hearth

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Hestia, for the Romans Vesta, was the daughter of Chronos Y Rea and one of the Olympic goddesses sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera and Demeter.

She was the goddess of home fire and sacrificial fire and she received the fat of all the sacrifices that were offered to the other Gods.

Chaste and virgin, transformed into an abstract deity, coming to represent the fire of the interior of the Earth.

Plato in 'the Phaedrus', it says that she remains alone, at rest, in the abode of the Gods.

When a group of citizens set out to create a colony, carried the Sacred Fire of his city to the new.

Is then Fire, center of the hearth, center of the city, center of the universe.

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