Readers Choose Indiana Jones as the Greatest Hero in Film History

Readers Choose Indiana Jones as the Greatest Hero in Film History

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Readers of the British film magazine Empire choseIndiana Jones as the greatest hero in film history, reported its official site on Tuesday.

Henry Walton ‘Indiana’ Jones is the protagonist of four films and also of an American television series about theadventures of a passionate archaeologist, interpreted byHarrison ford.

Since the publication, they consider that the character gained public recognition for «his charisma, his clothes, his intelligence and his courage, as well as for his defects, which make him credibly human«.

They also emphasize that the films are characterized by the «bold escapes,the infallible sense of right and wrong, and true love towards archeology«.

The medium dedicated its new edition to50 favorite heroes according to the results of the survey, which also includes Ellen ripley, from fiction movies'Alien‘, Rick blaine, from 'White House‘, Sarah Connor, from 'Terminator' Y Marty McFly from 'Return to the future', among others.

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