Archaeologists would have identified the Jezreel winery that appears in the Bible

Archaeologists would have identified the Jezreel winery that appears in the Bible

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In 2013, an archaeological investigation found a winery in the Jezreel Valley, located in the North of Israel, whose dimensions were exposed in the following years, revealing several installations carved in the bedrock.

It could be the jezreel cellar, whose existence is mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the books of the Kings I and II. This place is described as a setting in which some of the most terrible episodes of sin, violence and greed took place.

For the researchers who participated in the excavation, in Northern Israel, there are clear elements that confirm that it would be the same winery mentioned in the Bible, according to an article published in the latest issue in the Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archeology and Heritage Studies.

Naboth the Jezreelite owned a vineyard in Jezreel, adjacent to the palace of King Ahab of Samaria. Ahab said to Naboth: ‘Give me your vineyard, so that I can have it as an orchard, since it is right next to my palace. I'll give you a better vineyard in return; Or, if you prefer, I'll pay you the price in money. ' But Naboth replied: 'The Lord forbid that I give you what I inherited from my parents!' ", Says the book of 1 Kings (21) in the Bible.

Dr. Norma Franklin of the Zinman Institute of Archeology at the University of Haifa, Israel, clarified that for now it will not be possible to date with certainty the remains of the old winery located in the vicinity of Jezreel, a settlement that has been populated for thousands of years.

"With these types of structures we can only assess when it was last used, which would be around the 1st century AD, but not when they were built," Franklin told the Jerusalem Post.

The specialist added that the events described in the Bible are generally considered around the 9th century BC. And although it is possible that the winery already existed at that time, it is difficult to define it exactly.

«It should be pointed out that some scholars believe that the story was written around the 6th century BC.At that point we can already say with certainty that the winery was in operation. Now, we have no way of knowing if what is told in the Bible happened exactly as related, but the winery existed, "said Franklin.

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