Free Introductory Course on Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Free Introductory Course on Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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Are you passionate about the history and culture of ancient Egypt? Are you fascinated by the languages ​​and writing systems of ancient civilizations? Does the idea of ​​delving into the secret of Egyptian hieroglyphs and understanding the keys to their reading and interpretation attract you? If so, this is your course!

The objective of the course initiation to Egyptian hieroglyphs It's of get started in hieroglyphic writing, in its signs and its operation, as well as in the grammar of the classical Egyptian language (the Sinuhé language), so that, at the end of the nine weeks of the course, you will be able to read and interpret properly simple passages of Egyptian literary and funerary texts.

This will also allow you, when you travel to Egypt or visit Egyptological museums around the world, to better understand monuments and objects with hieroglyphic inscriptions and, therefore, to enjoy them more.

The course guarantees a teaching approach and materials of a high academic level, designed to introduce you to the subject in a didactic and progressive way, but at the same time with due depth and rigor.

Here you can register for free for the introductory course on Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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