Travel to Spain and outside of Spain in times of COVID

Travel to Spain and outside of Spain in times of COVID

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Traveling abroad from Spain is no longer so easy as before the health crisis. At this time there are a large number of requirements and restrictive measures for Spanish travelers, from the entry ban to the mandatory quarantine or other measures.

For this reason, the plans of many of the Spaniards have been altered and many doubts and confusion have been generated.

These restrictions are not only limited to nationality or residence in Spain, but also differ depending on the autonomous community where you reside or have visited. These measures and restrictions are produced in response to the outbreaks that have appeared in Spain, so it is essential to be informed about the conditions to enter any other country.

If after getting informed you continue with the idea of ​​traveling abroad, you can park at Barcelona airport and make your trip a little easier.

What are the established measures to travel abroad?

There are already many countries with restriction on the entry of travelers from Spain, some impose quarantine on their visitors, others force them to carry out or arrive with PCR tests ...

In GermanyFor example, passengers from Spain will have to undergo a PCR test at the airport itself.

In Belgium Restrictions are only imposed on Spaniards who come from some areas such as Aragon, Navarra, Lleida and Barcelona, ​​who must undergo a quarantine and a test.

The same happens in Romania where only passengers coming from Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Madrid, Navarra, the Basque Country, La Rioja and the two Castiles must pass quarantine.

Another measure that some countries have imposed such as Austria To enter the country, it is necessary to present a certificate with a negative result of the SARS-CoV2 test carried out 72 hours before traveling.

Other countries like Bulgaria, Egypt, Ireland or the United Kingdom They impose the isolation of passengers for 14 days upon arrival in the country, so unless your trip is of long duration try to avoid these types of destinations because you will be isolated for more time than enjoying your days off.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation you can find a map detailing the access restrictions to the different countries, with only about twenty places where you can travel without restrictions.

Check the updated information before purchasing your flight, so you can be sure that you are welcome in the country.

Restrictions for foreigners arriving in Spain

National tourism has been very doomed due to the health crisis and this happens, to a large extent, because many countries advise against and even recommend not coming to Spain.

Some places like Denmark recommend that travelers returning from Spain undergo PCR tests upon arrival in the country.

Others, such as the United Kingdom, establish a quarantine period for travelers once they return home and a fine for those who do not comply with said isolation. Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, join the quarantine initiative for those who return from Spain.

Some countries only make restrictions for those people who have been in areas where there has been a regrowth, but not for those who have traveled to Spain in general.

There is no doubt that this type of recommendations and restrictions on the part of the various countries have tourism to our country stopped, a sector that has been strongly affected by this health crisis, a catastrophic year for Spanish tourism and for those who survive the summer season.

What to do before traveling?

There are certain recommendations and guidelines to follow before going to the airport.

First of all, it is absolutely imperative that don't go to the airport in case of fever, cough, shortness of breath or shortness of breath.

In addition, you must perform the Online Billing and take your boarding pass with you.

It is recommended that before going through the security area you go to the counter of your company to confirm whether or not it is necessary to check in your suitcase (even if it is hand-held), since one of the measures that the airlines are following consists of check in all luggage to avoid queues or concentrations unnecessary inside the plane and to expedite the embarkation and disembarkation of the travelers.

Some of the airlines will also ask you to fill in a health form and that you confirm that you do not have any of the symptoms of the disease or that you have been in contact with any person who has the disease in the previous days.

And of course, don't forget your mask, it will be your great ally throughout the trip. Remember that it is absolutely mandatory and that you can only remove it to drink or eat.

The use of disinfectant gels is also completely necessary, although it is not mandatory that you take it with you, since the companies will have gels at different points to ensure everyone's hygiene.

In short, this year may not be the most suitable for traveling abroad, but if you do, try to be informed so as not to get a good scare when you arrive at the destination.

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