Seer its definition - What it is and what they do, Meaning and Concept

Seer its definition - What it is and what they do, Meaning and Concept

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Are you curious about what is and what does a seer and its definition? Broadly speaking, the seer is a person born with a mystical ability. In principle, something similar to the intuition.

Just like when we have hunches, the seer can see beyond of suspicions. In addition to specifying future events with precision. It's about a Don, which many still do not accept. However, its function is no more to help provide solutions to your problems.

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Being a clairvoyant is not a choice. The seer with meaning is born like thisJust that some develop it naturally and others don't. Because in a way, they are still not fully accepted. Crossing it out of witchcraft or bad energies.

Nothing is further from that. Conversely.

The seer has a mission in this world and it is help in the well-being of others through his power. For what you gain prosperity, abundance, stability, happiness and health.

Parapsychological studies express that we are all born with some clairvoyance. Few have been motivated to fully develop their extrasensory facility. However, it is not enough to have it, you have to learn to master it to achieve wisdom and mastery of clairvoyance.

Since it is part of the sensory capacity of human consciousness and that you can develop according to your preference. There are those who see the future, others rediscover the past. While others practice remote viewing to understand current situations, in full development, seeing what others do not see.

They call them clairvoyant, seer, medium, fortune teller, spirit contact. In short, each and everyone has a way of using this grace granted by the universe.

If you want to be sure of what what is a seer and how to take advantage of his gifts, keep reading this special article about its definition and meaning.

What is a seer definition?

The word seer has its origin in Latin see, conjugated present participle videntis. They identify with it people with extrasensory capacities specials.

With which predict or reveal the future, or something unknown to others. We can define what they are messengers of the past, present and future, of the mystical universe, that reveals your destiny.

They are special beings who must know about the esoteric, spiritual world, life situations on topics such as:

  • Love
  • Job
  • Family
  • Business
  • Cheers
  • Money
  • The couple
  • The Fortune

Must know how to listen and explain very well, understand and respect the consultants. Without judging them, because the seer is nothing more than an intermediary, an interpreter of destiny.

Being a clairvoyant also requires having certain personal qualities that convey confidence and security to those who attend. With a respectful attitude to help you gain confidence and open your deepest thoughts and emotions during the consultation.

To achieve the spiritual connection that allows you to travel through every aspect of your history and character. The clairvoyant or fortune teller will be you spiritual guide. He will know how to give you recommendations, advice and suggestion based on what he has visualized.

More, however, the only person responsible for your destiny is yourself. You must know how to distinguish their mediating role. Because the decisions and action are always in the hands of the consultant

What does the seer do and its meaning?

Being a clairvoyant means that you enjoy some acuity of mind and senses, to analyze, infer, deduce, suspect and predict future behavior. As well as actions, misfortunes, opportunities or secrets that affect your destiny.

It means they are extraordinary, special beings. Since not everyone can develop clairvoyance. Well, in addition to the special ability, must have human values ​​that lavishes well-being.

Must be dedicated people. As well as respectful, passionate, persuasive, with self-denial and a lot of courage and tact to talk to others. His sensitivity is spiritual and human. Well, they understand your needs to give you the answers you are looking for with certainty.

They know mystical paths that they discover through visualizations and unique sensations messages, events, facts; that influence our life. Sometimes they can detect images, other times through sounds, experiences that we cannot see.

They are empathetic and can feel your sorrows, doubts, your dreams and become a mirror of yourself to know everything that the future holds for you. For the seer helping you is more than his job, it is his passion, it is his mission in life.

Some use tarot cards, pendulums, as well as other tools, as a means of visualizing the answers. Others, more veteran and professional, do not need more than their own gift. By entering a kind of deep meditation that connects you with the afterlife.

By themselves they are an oracle that shows the uncertain and gives you the messages of the universe that will help you take control over your life. Each message he reveals must fulfill a goal of spiritual healing and lead to happiness.

Creating an environment of harmony and opportunities that the consultant must take advantage of to have a loyal love, a beneficial job, a lot of health, prosperity and abundance in vitality.

Who can be a clairvoyant?

Has it happened to you that you perceive or see signs that others do not? What can you guess what will happen in the future? There are studies or trends that support the idea that we all have a sixth sense of clairvoyance.

It is a sensory channel in which vibes, sensations and experiences beyond the five senses are perceived. We just don't pay attention to it, nor do we dedicate ourselves to studying.

Do you want to know if you have the gift of clairvoyance?

Answer these ten questions and you will know if you are a seer by definition:

Do you notice emotions or thoughts that tell you that something is about to happen and is happening?

It can be a sign, an anticipated dream, or an image that comes to mind. Every time you feel like this, take a note, explaining what you dreamed of, what you felt and the date.

Can you guess the thinking of other people?

This is called telepathy. It allows you to know in advance the words, the answers and even the way in which the entire future event will unfold.

If you feel the ailments, worries or anxieties of others, it is empathy.

To make sure you practice with your closest environment, try to make connection with friends, family and guess their thoughts, until you achieve it with a stranger.

Do you dream of beings that are no longer on the earthly plane?

It is a visualization that happens almost at the end of your night's rest. That moment they call naptime or deep sleep.

Almost upon awakening, you receive a revealing message from a being who is on the spiritual plane. It may be a deceased relative, or someone close to you.

In addition to receiving the message, you must differentiate the sensations it awakens in you during sleep. As soon as you wake up, take note of what you dreamed of and wait for something related to it.

Do you have visions when touching a person or object?

In this case the channel is the touch, through the hands you detect sensations that give you a message. It is an experience similar to the laying on of hands.

Do you feel that you are accompanied by a light or presence?

Those who perceive this way, usually manage to visualize the nearby spiritual energy. This is an excellent opportunity to say good wishes.

Do you visualize the aura?

The aura is the emanation of energy that is perceived in the form of colored light around people. There are those who also perceive the aura of objects.

Have you visualized yourself outside of your body?

This ability is called astral projection. With which you can make energetic trips to take off the body and soul. If it has happened to you in an unexpected way, practice consciously doing deep meditation. Look at every detail and then write down the description of your trip.

Do you perceive the company of angels?

It usually occurs in moments of concentration or meditation. By being focused on thoughts of peace and spirituality, you can appreciate the appearance of fragrances, lights or sensations that give angelic signals.

Are your decrees carried out?

If you notice that your wishes or orders spoken aloud are being carried out, be careful what you say. Especially if you are angry or against someone. This has a meaning of power. You must be careful with what you think and express, always do it for the sake of success, peace, prosperity and well-being.

Do you frequently have incidents with static electricity?

Sensitivity to static electricity is a typical characteristic of those who have the energetic power of a seer by definition. There are different techniques to flow that energy and do not cause accidents. But the most important thing is to know how it flows in you.

Now you know everything about him Seer, its definition, what it is and what they do, meaning and concept. So that you identify them quickly and do not fall into deceptive traps. And so you can know if deep within you is the power of clairvoyance that makes you a clairvoyant for real.

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