2,000-year-old purification bath excavated in Israel

2,000-year-old purification bath excavated in Israel

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A campaign to save the archaeological remains has found a new location for it.

The Israeli Antiquities Authorities (IAA) have discovered a 2,000-year-old 'mikvah' or ancient purification bath in the Lower Galilee region in the north of the country. Theseritual containers, in which a person can be completely submerged in water, are still in use today in Israel.

The important discovery took place in early June during excavations prior to the construction of a road. Because it was impossible to keep the historic monument in place, a campaign was launched to save it and relocate it to a public place where it could be displayed.

Workers from nearby towns, students and volunteers participated in the excavation. On September 30 the rarity, of57 tons of weight, it was lifted with a crane and taken in a truck to Kibbutz Hanaton where it was deposited next to a modern 'mikvah'.

«The discovery of the 'mikvah'on a farm it changes everything we knew about the lifestyle of Second Temple Jews, "say historians Abd Elghani Ibrahim and Walid Atrash, who lead the IAA excavations.

The period of the Second Temple developed between 530 BC. C. and 70 d. Researchers who conducted the excavations maintain that Jewish farms have never been discovered in Galilee before.Historians believed that Jews in Roman times did not live on farms outside the territory of towns or cities. Now this discovery proves the opposite, which allows us to better understand the history of Israel.

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