They discover in Iran a skeleton child with a spearhead under its ribs

They discover in Iran a skeleton child with a spearhead under its ribs

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The burial dates from the period of the Parthian Empire and, according to their traditions, the body of the deceased was buried in two clay pots.

Iranian archaeologists have found a tomb dating from the time of Parthian Empire - also known as the Arsacid Empire - during excavations at an archaeological site in Sarvabad County,in the West the country, the Tehran Times newspaper reported this Saturday.

The skeleton found in the grave hasa spearhead under his ribs, the researchers say.

“In the funerary tradition of the Parthian Empire, [giant] vessels normally played the role of coffins and in the discovered tomb, according to Parthian culture, the body was placed in two pots made of clay, ”commented project manager Shokouh Khosrav. He further added that “the body apparently belonged to a person whopassed away from injuries«.

The Arsacid Empire existed between the years247 BC and 224 A.D., and it was an important political and cultural center of the region. In the period of its greatest extent,occupied the territory running from north of the Euphrates River, in what is now east-central Turkey, to eastern Iran.

The excavations were carried out in a rural area, near the site ofconstruction of a dam, and were led by the Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute.

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