The importance of critical thinking to understand the world

The importance of critical thinking to understand the world

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History is one of the key points in order to understand what is happening now.

The current situation is a consequence of everything that has been happening over the years, so if you do not have a comprehensive and global perspective, it will hardly be possible to understand why the political, economic and social system works in this way. way, as well as the culture, values ​​and education of a country have been perpetuated over time to the present.

In order to achieve this, it is very important to develop historical thinking since without it, there would be events and ways of proceeding that would not be understood and would happen again in a loop.

The story at the end is the memory of a whole world society and should never be left behind. This constitutes proof of progress and improvements as well as any mistakes made. To forget what happened is to play on anyone's ignorance. For this reason, the history of what was and what is happening must always go hand in hand.

The school tries to form a solid perspective at the national and international level in order to understand each event that happens. In the end, the story is for those who see and want to see what happens.

Without historical thinking people would not be able to understand the world in which they live nor the socio-economic, cultural and religious situations that surround them.

The teacher and teaching techniques

Today, more and more history teachers are trying to help students develop their own historical thinking without having to resort to super long lists of kings because the method is changing.

It is not about completely memorizing all the events that took place, but about understanding it in order to assimilate it and create solid thinking. History is something important and not a simple subject that has to be passed anyway.

Thanks to the study of this, you can reflect on it and present a critical discourse on what was happening over time.

In order to develop critical thinking, the role of the teacher is very important and their teaching methods as well, since they will determine how the knowledge will reach the students.

It is very important that there is feedback at all times that allows the opposition of thoughts between the student and the teacher in order to reflect and not impose.

Another of the great techniques in recent years has been the image, it has always had great power and today even more to capture the attention of the listener. In this way, the exposed speech is understood and assimilated in an easier and more comfortable way.

Research activities are also very useful for the student to become informed and interested in a specific topic.

This will allow you to develop and form your speech and understand what happened in your own way.

History is the pillar of every society and without it, nothing that is lived now would have logic without its context.

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