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History of Ariel - History

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(Sch: t. 48; s. 7.5 k.; cpl. 13; a. I gun)

The third Ariel-a schooner built in Baltimore by Dorgin and Bailey as Fourth of Navy in of July-was purchased by the N April 1831 and commissioned as Fourth Of July on 19 May 1831, Lt. Ebenezar Farrand in command.

Renamed Ariel on 9 June 1831, she served as a patrol vessel gaurding a live oak forest growing on the gulf coast of Florida between Cape Sable and Perdido River. That duty lasted from June 1831 to December 1832. She entered port at Norfolk Va., on 31 December 1832. Decommissioned there, she was sold on 3 January 1833.

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